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Whole-process solution

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    Scientific Formulation

    In the case of purification system engineering, the scientific customization scheme is not only a thought, but also a concrete engineering operation discipline. Zhongjian purification science and customized solutions based on engineering modular elements scientific division method instead of the old management work experience, science and customized solutions for the professional knowledge, skills, and team has a higher request.

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    Whole System Service

    We will provide the customer with the early planning scheme and the construction plan and the construction organization plan to deepen the design; In the process of engineering construction, technicians will be sent to technical support to solve the problems in the construction and other works, and provide technical guidance for the installation and application of the system application.

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    Strong Service Team

    Zhongjian purification technology co., LTD. Has a wide range of professional talents including hvac, electrical, decoration, communication, automation, computer and mechanical engineering. Build in line with the pursuit of better space utilization of rationalization, efficiency, scientific innovation, in system design idea, the rigorous work attitude, excellent product quality, skilled construction team, casting a bottom, convenience, safety, clean and sterile clean room, standing in the cleaning industry.

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    Professional After-sales Service

    Zhongjian purification technology co., LTD. Has a group of high-quality technical after-sales service team, service network consists of more than 20 provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions, and established the quality information network, early in the process of using knowledge of construction project and the product quality, provide free technical advice, provide related equipment maintenance, repair and maintenance information and system operation manuals etc.

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