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Shantou Zhongjian Purification Technology co., LTD. (formerly called South American purification equipment factory) is a professional manufacturer of air conditioners and purification equipment. It covers pharmaceutical, hospital, food, electronics, precision instruments, microbiology and other industries. The company has a professional research and development department, with many refrigeration, machinery, radio, electronics, food engineers and technicians, responsible for research and development of air conditioning purification technology and equipment.

With "science and technology to purify the future" for the business philosophy of zhongjian purification technology in the service, from product to systematic from technology research and development to the overall planning, and the relevant domestic design, scientific research, colleges and universities have close technical exchanges and business relationship, enhance the zhongjian purification service team strength.Twenty years of professional accumulation and precipitation, the achievement of today's zhongjian purification technology. Whether technology consulting, overall planning, system design, project installation, system debugging and running, professional testing or cooperate with the customer maintenance, zhongjian purification can provide you with professional, a complete set of engineering and technical services.

The official website of zhongjian purification technology was officially launched

The official website of zhongjian purification technology was officially launched


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